Style with perspective.

Our exclusive Eyewear-Collection includes sunglasses for every imaginable event – sporty, pure and simple, glamorous, playful and extravagant.

Designed by FAN XIA in Munich, these glasses will turn out to be the perfect match for your outfit. Through innovative designs and the playful combination of high-quality materials, our Eyewear products will turn out to be an eyecatcher – including sun protection factor.

FX1007C1 1

Glasses FX1007C1

FX1007C2 1

Glasses FX1007C2

FX1007C3 1

Glasses FX1007C3

FX1007C4 1

Glasses FX1007C4

FX1006C1 1

Glasses FX1006C1

FX1006C2 1

Glasses FX1006C2

FX1008 1

Glasses FX1008

FAN XIA Design
Wasserburger Landstraße 196
81827 Munich