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Fan Xia Design

Innovation, class and extravagance - these are the leitmotifs of the young and dynamic designer Fan Xia from Munich. And that is exactly what the bridal fashion of Fan Xia Design reflects. Every single dress is a statement in itself. With great attention to detail, Fan designs her unique styles herself and responds directly to the wishes of customers and brides! Through the experience she gains herself in her own two bridal boutiques in Munich, she knows exactly what brides are looking for!

The label Fan Xia Design impresses especially with its modern designs! We do not only carry wedding dresses, we also have an incredibly large collection of two-pieces (bodysuits and skirts) and jumpsuits. The perfect wedding outfit for every woman!

Fan's attention to detail is evident in the extraordinary looks. It's not about following trends, but rather about setting new trends!


fan xia

FAN XIA Design
Wasserburger Landstraße 196
81827 Munich